Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic Part 3 Advanced Level (With MP3 CD) الأسـاس في تعليم العربية


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Al-Asas for Teaching Arabic for Non-Native Speakers of different nationalities uses modern and advanced educational techniques to provide students with a core understanding of the Arabic language and its proper usage. The series consists of three volumes that guide students from one level to the next in a gradual and logical fashion. The series is unique in that it approaches grammatical issues from a functional angle.

Volume I:
The Beginner Level starts with the alphabet and its phonetics and advances to 10 lessons that address everyday issues that would help students gradually integrate into society. It has nine appendices and comes with an audio MP3 CD (8 hours and a half).

Volume II:
The Advanced Beginner Level consists of 15 lessons that complement the previous volume. It is unique in that it contains several dialogue-themed exercises with a clear emphasis on four key skills: reading, conversation, listening, and writing. It has six appendices and comes with an audio MP3 CD (2 hours and a half).

Volume III:
The Intermediate Level consists of 23 lessons that revolve around Arab culture, key historic cities, and past civilizations. It has six appendices and comes with an audio MP3 CD (3 hours).

About the author:
Fawzieh A. Bader is an author of several works and a long-time educator.
She specializes in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She has over 30 years of experience in teaching the language, and culture, at numerous levels and to students from extensive backgrounds, varying academic levels, and a broad range of professions. She served as an instructor at the University of Jordan (Languages Center) for 10 years.
Her experience extends to teaching both colloquial and classical Arabic dialects, in addition to teaching grammar, reading, writing and conversational skills, Arabic language usage in specific areas, like politics, economics, and human rights issues, and instructing on methods for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. She also helped students prepare for international Arabic proficiency exams, such as the CASA exam.
She holds a Master’s Degree in the Arabic language, with additional backgrounds in education and psychology.