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The Messengers of Allah - 10 Books


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ISBN-13: 9786258417081
ISBN-10: 6258417086
Publisher: Rayan Publishers

The Prophet (A.S.) story book "The Messengers of Allah" is a new activity book series emphasise character building stories and fun activities. This book series introduce a story from the life of Prophet of Islam in an imaginative, fun-filled way.

The Messengers of Allah - 10 Books:

  • Adam: Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? What did the first guests of heaven, Prophet Adam and Eve, experience there? What was their first test? Are you ready to learn together?
  • Noah: You should read the life of Prophet Noah, who was the second predecessor of mankind.
  • Ibraheem: The intelligence and bravery of Prophet Ibraheem who forced his tribe to face their own wrongdoings....
  • Ismael: That sweet zamzam water spurted out from beside the foot of Prophet Ismael when he was just a little baby. He helped his father.
  • Yusef: Turn the pages of this book to learn more about Prophet Joseph and witness the miracles of the Messengers of Allah on Earth!
  • Musa: Prophet Musa defeated all the magicians with his staff... Would you like to know what happened to the evil Pharoah and his men who oppressed the people?
  • Dawood: Prophet Dawood was able to soften iron with his bare hands. Do you want to learn more about him?
  • Sulaiman: Prophet Sulaiman had the ability to speak with birds and other animals. The ants would come and tell him of their problems.
  • Yunus: How did Prophet Yunus escape when he was thrown overboard into the wild waters of the sea?
  • Isa: Prophet Isa started to speak when he was a newborn baby. With this book you will set off on an amazing journey through time and witness the lives and miracles of the Prophets, who were the Messengers of Allah.

Package Includes:

  • 10 Books in a closed box