Have you ever considered how to nurture your student's or child's faith in Islam through a health education curriculum? This series delves into the wisdom underlying Islamic practices and beliefs, showcasing how they are precisely formulated by the One, all-wise and all-knowing Creator. Since this book falls within the category of health education, it addresses important health topics while adopting an Islamic perspective. These topics are presented with a focus on their relevance, engaging pedagogy, and age-appropriateness.

The series offers insights and answers to numerous questions confronting Muslim youth residing in Western contexts, such as the United States. Moreover, it endeavors to provide solutions for the challenges that Muslim communities encounter in multicultural and multi-religious environments. Additionally, it serves to reaffirm fundamental Islamic concepts and their authentic purpose.

The Health and Wellness: From an Islamic Perspective series is a comprehensive collection of books that delves into the vital aspects of health and well-being of youth from an Islamic standpoint. This series is the first of its kind to tackle the Muslim youth's most common health concerns by putting the Islamic way of life at the forefront of its answers and centering the Muslim narrative. Through practical guidance, insightful explanations based on research and relatable examples and graphics, this series serves as a preventive intervention. By learning health from an Islamic perspective, Muslim youth may be more likely to practice Islam with confidence, reduce engagement in risky behavior and improve their overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

From Level 1 to Level 6 The Health and Wellness: From an Islamic Perspective series offers a structured, age-appropriate approach filled with valuable knowledge that empowers Muslim youth to make informed choices and embrace a balanced lifestyle rooted in Islamic values. Catering to the diverse needs and developmental stages of readers, the books cover a wide range of topics, such as personal hygiene, nutritious eating, physical fitness, puberty, sexual health, mental illness, social health, body image, drug use, contemporary health issues, stress management and spiritual health.

The Health and Wellness: From an Islamic Perspective series can be used in schools, Islamic study circles or homes, serving as an invaluable resource for parents, educators, youth leaders, imams and mental health professionals.